Favoris Films

Films teach you better than someone. They show you things which otherwise you can’t. They inflict you and emotionalize you. They give you tears and they give you a smile. They hurt you and they also cheer you up. They leave a mark on your personality.

I am very fond of films and a very strict viewer when it comes to rating. My choice is very vast. I see every genre. Below here i am going to show you some of my favorite films. You can also see my complete list on my IMDb Profile.

These are the films which are my top rated films, i am deeply impressed by the direction, acting and cinematography. I hope you would also agree with me if you have seen them.

I am a big fan of good horror films and not just CGI or SFX based. If i talk further, i love the concept of “Exorcism” and have seen many films on this concept. “The exorcism of Emily Rose” was one of the finest attempt on this topic. “Exorcist” is also another great one of it’s time.

Indian cinema sometimes produces films which are unforgettable. They imprint you more deeply and sometimes out of blue-moon they make a great art.