About Me

My name is Awais Javaid and i was born in Faisalabad, Pakistan and raised in Isfahan, Iran. I grew up in Isfahan which is the most beautiful city of Iran. I returned to Pakistan with my parents in 1994 when i was in grade-6. Then i continued in Faisalabad which is my hometown as well.

This blog is the picture of my inside and my feelings carefully baked with hard work and creativity.

I am a student of M.Phil Public Administration from Government College University, Faisalabad. Previously having done my Master’s in Public Administration from Institute of Administrative Sciences, The University of Punjab, Lahore.

I am a man of superior thoughts, profound decor and creativity is in every cell of mine.

The reason for choosing “Black n White” color for this blog, is that i feel “Black n White” is the most powerful color combination, it has more words to speak of and things don’t get complicated while watching at them. I believe words become superfluous when you start explaining it. It brings out the better picture, out of color when seen in Black n White.

You can find me on web: