Windows 10, negative things (Personal Experience)

There was a peaceful time when windows 7 was the king of game and nothing was so much serious. The hype was all on performance and windows 7 really delivered it and delivered it really perfectly well after the chaotic devastation of windows vista. The windows were stern steady especially with its 64bit variant. I myself had been using it for quite a long time. It often reminded me one of its predecessor windows XP.

Back in the days of windows XP, the operating system used to be very simple and the focus was to provide the base-line system for the things to be done and nothing was added to windows which might be called “gimmick”. When windows vista fell on its knees and Microsoft was blown badly, I was the victim of a HP DV5 which was running windows vista and I know how windows vista changed me from a normal user to windows geek. When I faced deep knowledge requiring things and searching forums for its solutions, I changed into a computer nerd to such an extent that today I am far above an average user. This all knowledge is blessing of windows vista. If you go and search on Google for some older forums of that time of vista, you will find heaps and heaps of questions and answers.

When windows vista failed, Microsoft released windows 7. I still remember the evening windows 7 was released, I had the ISO downloaded from leaked forums the next evening. Back in that time, having the ISO in a day of its release was considered a huge thing. I remember many forums which I was member of, that time but I forgot the names now. Windows 7 really delivered the hard-core windows experience and it really got stabilized over time with the release of service pack 1 and then 2. I remember my laptop (s) running windows 7 with system being fully capable of doing pretty much everything.

Meanwhile during the time of coming of windows 8 (not 8.1), it was the time when iOS and Android was all in action and was hitting the market with their all forces. I had always been a windows user and always been an Android user. I bought iPhone 3GS and used it for 6months only and got bored of the OS and came to Android. That’s another debate why I got bored of iOS and what was lacking. This review article is not for that. Anyhow I was talking about windows 8. I also got caught in the hype of full screen metro apps and the hype of new operating system. I bought a laptop that time which had windows 8 pre-installed. It was UEFI formatted drive and by this time windows 8.1 also had come, and I upgraded to windows 8.1 and I still remember that it was sort of rape with my mind. I again felt being pushed to the era of windows vista. I tried 6months of very hard try liking the windows but never could. I eventually formatted the drive which was UEFI formatted and converted it to GPT (MBR) and downgraded to windows 7 and then kept using windows 7 for a long time.

Windows 8 and 8.1 both also proved windows vista to Microsoft and the company was again pushed to the decision to immediately bring out windows 10.

This article is not about the story which I am telling you from above till now, but this is for making the grounds what I faced and what made me go back and forth between operating systems. Recently I am using windows 10 on my new laptop. But in using it, I again am running into some problems which I am going to mention below. These kind of problems are not seen anywhere on web searches. If you search on Google, you will find first 5 pages of paid websites articles or shitty SEOs praising the windows all from top to bottom. You won’t find any negative review. Even if you find it, you will see it as minor thing and articles will try to show the positive things more than negative things.

Before going into the things which I am writing “negative reviews about windows 10”, let me tell you what I feel about the operating system and its theme in general.

A computer operating system is meant for working and multi-tasking things. And all this be done in least problematic way. No gimmicks involved and no marketing things. Just a strong base-line operating system which is dam stern in everything.

Now I am coming to main point of this article. Under the very influence of Android, Microsoft changed an operating system to a shitty mobile operating system and naming it a normal operating system. This is supported by a huge marketing investment trying to save the face and respect of Microsoft. This huge gamble is being done to earn money. In a way this is true, every company does it but not at the sake of user use-ability and freedom of performance oriented system and not forced system which does less than projected.

Windows 10 is packed with bunch of things which are basically “mobile phone or smartphone” things. Laptops are being loaded with GPS and location sensors, universal apps (formerly metro apps), heavily forced updates, useless crap being more and lastly adding complexity in finding the simple native windows applications rather than becoming a nerdy geek who when discovers the option and looks in pride at others.

Recently my laptop is draining battery very fast. The system is just installed with few software and is not yet jam packed with huge list of software I used as on windows 7. The reason behind this quick battery drain is, these shitty GPS services finding my location, live tiles running all the time in background or their services extracting info from internet to keep them running in live tile mode, windows updating constantly in the background and action center nagging me with the notification from all around the windows and constantly hitting me with notifications.

I tried to turn off the location services, and turning off the individual apps requesting for location services to be turned on, then live tiles constantly needing internet connection and running in the background. Then the operating system’s huge number of processes running in the background (not applications). This all needs battery. And this drains the battery more than usual. I remember I used to get 2-3 hours of battery time on windows 7, with a huge list of more than 150 software installed. Now on windows 10 there are merely 30 software installed and it is a so-so experience. It is both positive as well as negative. Positive in the sense of performance as the OS is quite stable but a memory hog system. Negative in the sense of reasons I told you just now.

Windows 7 didn’t have these gimmicks. It was a stable operating system running smoothly even after years with careful usage. By careful usage I mean, cleaning the disks periodically, cleaning cache and offline browser data, defragmenting the disks, and nothing more. Just this much kept the OS in extremely fast conditions for years.

This is all which I faced and I wanted to share it with everyone. After all, there shouldn’t be “all is well” opinions and reviews. I am adding the negative ones.


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