Plethora of information but still lacking of information

It had been a very frustrating experience while i was searching for a cloud service that i would love to use. The more i search on Google, the more i come across a huge list of data and reviews about different cloud services. There are literally a plethora of sites which give you a brief introduction to these cloud services. But did anyone notice something critically? That while you are searching for something you want the answers, you will come across a huge list of websites from Google searching which will give you a brief introduction of those relevant information but there is no difference. All those websites are giving the same information over and over with just a little bit difference of words.

Either these are paid stuff that are given to bunch of stupid writers who don’t even bother to do a in-depth analysis of these services and they are just changing the words a little and re-publishing it. This is really annoying. I literally got a headache while having searched for around 2-3 pages of Google (each page showing 50 results) and all i could find out was, Google drive, One drive, Dropbox, Box etc. All those 150 websites i visited had only these after all they were the top results of Google.

I wonder no one searches for other services which are worth a shot. I searched for some of them and found them quite good. Then i decided to write a review of my own about them. So, the next post i am going to write, is about those cloud storage.

Actually, my vision to start this kind of reviews is, to give something different to read for those people who are like me, that are tired of reading same stuff over and over and at the end, they find nothing.


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