We are expert in misusing social media

There was a time when social networking was a new concept and it was a great thing for those people who had never known about it. I am talking of late 90s. It started with today’s very popular networks like Facebook and Twitter. This kept on increasing and trends kept on changing with time. Then YouTube was also introduced.

At that time of its discovery of (social media) it was not known what it would become one day in future but it was a human nature to think positive that it would prove to be a great thing. A service of ease and entertainment to everyone it would become. No matter it remained so for quite a long time until it got attacked by a mysterious group of people. For going into discussion, I start with Facebook.

There was once very simple interface of this service and people used it for connecting with other friends who were once their mates but now moved to other parts of world. This service proved to be so joyful for a person like me that I found all those friends and was using it daily to see what they are doing. It was entertaining at that time but it is the rule of world, something that is great in start will change to havoc in the later phases because it is also in human nature to destroy the smooth going thing.

Today when you login to your Facebook account, and after scrolling for an hour, you start getting headache. There are people who are all doing the same thing. Everyone is talking of corrupt politics and one country’s aggressive policies over the others. A group of people is yelling on others, they reply in abusive language to them, another group of people jump in to inflame the situation and threads get filled with endless fights of comments (which no one reads) or at least I don’t care to read.

Then there is a group of people who make photo shopped pictures in an aggressive manner and post them on Facebook, people respond to them as expected i.e. aggressive manner. The fight starts endlessly and a person who had come for some leisure time gets a headache and goes to sleep with even more tensions.

As I scroll through the feeds of Facebook, I see repeated posts on same topics from countless different perspectives of everyone. This is especially more common in political scenario. A phrase gets manipulated by one party, then it gets doubled and manipulated by another party and this goes on until it becomes a fire. This creates just unpleasant atmosphere in the minds and bars the minds from thinking on reality, because the truth gets twisted in so many different directions that the real picture and it’s beauty is lost somewhere in those perspectives.

The most dangerous group of people is those who create pictures and videos with fake or false religious connections and present them in such a way that when viewer sees them, he is ultimately provoked to react and use abusive language for others. There is no more entertainment left in this social world.

Now obviously I cannot refrain myself from saying that this thing has two different directions to explain in my view:

  1. Either there is a group of people who are deliberately doing all this so that people can never understand the real truth but instead get more confused and remain confused until the reality is no more important. This might be anyone including govt. people or extremist groups or even the normal people with absolutely no sense of moral values.
  2. Or perhaps there is another thing. We humans have an innate tendency to disorient the original shape of a thing and make it ugly. This was introduced as a free service and free services are in everyone’s reach. So people use it in abusive way or better to say in the spamming way to crucify the beauty of something.

Now I come towards YouTube:

This service came out as a blessing for 80s & 90s people who had huge collections of cassettes and CDs and VHS tapes and gathered their liking music from different sources and considered it their whole wealth. I am among one of those people who consider it a blessing. Old songs of black and white era, classic films, symphonies and orchestra music, documentaries etc. they were hard to see except the TV channels or gathered collection. YouTube gave it all free and in everyone’s reach and such a huge blessing that anyone who has had the CDs and DVDs collections even the cassettes, they would thank the 21st century world to give them such thing.

But alas, this service also became the victim of free loaders who doesn’t know its importance because when they were born, this service was, existing. They stated spamming it. I give you a very clear example:

Suppose I search for an Indian song and I would come across such results:

  1. ABC Full song (there would be just audio in it with a picture – so the caption was mis-leading)
  2. ABC Full video song (the song is half and added two times in a row) and to mention specially the very popular paid channels of YouTube are doing it e.g. T-Series and EROS entertainment.
  3. ABC Promo song, with just 2 second video giving referral link to other sites (I am sure you know the concept of clicking and referral sites to gain user clicks on own site).
  4. ABC remixes song.

So, someone who was searching for something else gets involved in something else. This group of free-loaders has ruined everything’s beauty.

Where these people came from? Who let these people use such services who have no ethics of using a free service with respect and dignity.

There is another set of people whom I forgot to mention. Let me explain them to you with an example of another free social service i.e. IMDb.

You watch a movie, you have something that you liked a lot in it and then you open its discussion threads and reply to someone’s post. You get a reply and it starts in sectarian fight, religious propaganda or someone considering him superior and trying to nullify other stance and forcing that his view point is correct.

Then by chance you open his profile and you come to know that he is just a 15yr old kid who is born in gadget world and thinks that he has the knowledge of whole world and those old age people are just wankers. Their experience is nothing else but just a shit load in a condom. Then you start wondering, “Why I was fighting with a bloody 15yr old kid who has absolutely no sense of anything”. Then your inside answers you to ignore it and continue your works because this world is full of such shits Now Days.

I wonder what the future of this horrible social media is in future.


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