Transfer Google to New Google Account

I have had to migrate my Google account to a new Google account and I went to search on Google, how to migrate my entire old Google account to a new one. I searched a dozen of forums and threads and then saw a couple of videos on YouTube but none of them were covering the entire details. They were so insufficient for this topic that I couldn’t gather the info completely. Therefore, I set to do it manually and while doing so, I found some automatic ways as well as some manual ways to do this. After doing this I thought to write about it so that others also can understand the complexity of migrating “each and everything” from old Google account to a new one.

If you have a very old Gmail account with extensive things attached with it, you are probably going to find it very nerve breaking to transfer the account. I myself spent almost 2-3days and then finally I got it done.

So here there are the steps which I did.

  1. You should use a very useful tool of Google, go to site Google Takeout and make an archive from their site as a backup. This backup will contain each and everything your account has attached with. It will be containing all the YouTube videos, all the photos and emails and other stuff. My archive was almost near 2.3GB.
  2. Once your backup is downloaded (link received in email) unzip it to any location in your hard drive.
  3. Now go to the Google account data dashboard and here you can see what the data that your account has is.

Now going to it step-by-step with each and everything:


If you are a blogger user like me, then you must transfer them to new account. Go to blogger dashboard and see how many blogs you have. Click on the arrow (in 2014 modern style) it’s the middle button with drop-down menu, click on it and then click settings. This will take you to ONE of your blog’s settings. Go to settings>basic and under permissions section click on add authors. Then add your new Google account and confirm in the new Google account as an author. (This will work best if you have two browsers or using normal chrome + incognito mode or Firefox + private browsing or as in my case I have installed new identity profile Multifox). Once you have confirmed author from new Google account, using your previous account, make the new author, the admin and save changes. Repeat this step with all your blogs and then you can remove your old ID by logging into new Google account.

Google Calendar

Though I don’t use Google Calendar but still I had few entries a long time ago. Go to Google Calendar and click on Bolt icon on top right side, then click settings and then go into calendar’s tab. Click on export all calendars and it will give you a file to export, then log-in to new Google account, again go to Google Calendar and click the Bolt icon, going to settings and clicking on Calendar’s tab. Click import and then give it the file to import the calendars.

Google Analytic:

Well I never used this, so I have no idea whether the account can be transferred or not.


This is another one of the most important things in Google account. Go to old account Gmail and click on Gmail, it will give you a drop down menu and then click on Contacts. Click on “my contacts” in top left sidebar and then click on all contacts by clicking once on top box. Then click “more” button and click export, and it will give you a file to export. Save it somewhere in your hard drive.

Go to new Gmail, click on Gmail and then Contacts and then click on “more” button and then click on import and then import it from that file that you have just downloaded.


This was indeed a very painful process for me but finally I could find a very easy solution for this. Install Mozilla Thunderbird and then open this link and then download it to your desktop. Now click on Import/export Tools and then open Thunderbird, cancel the sign-in process. Click Tools and then add-ons and click on install from file. Install the just downloaded .xpi files and restart the Thunderbird.

Now set in to open your accounts in Thunderbird. Open this website and it’s very easy to follow, as the website is explain it well with pictures. Set both your old as well as new account into Thunderbird.

Once you have set your accounts perfectly (be sure that IMAP options are enabled in both accounts) then right click on your Gmail folders (as in my case, I had a lot of them) click “copy to” and then see the new email ID and go in its drop menu and click “copy here”. Then click on OK. It depends on the size of the folder, if it has huge number of emails, then it’s going to take some time. Be patient at this step. Similarly transfer all the emails from all the folders into new Gmail and it will be copied as it is in the new email account.

Similarly transfer Inbox emails, it will be copied into new Gmail account into label “inbox” then click on all the emails and you can drag and drop them into your inbox of new Gmail.

(At this step I encountered a problem which was strange to me but later I understood. Gmail shows conversation mode of emails, so the number of emails transferred to new email might not be exacts same as in older email account, but don’t worry it has transferred all of them. If you disable the conversation mode from Gmail settings of both accounts, it will show the same number of emails. So, don’t get tense if for example a folder in your old Gmail has 400 emails and new Gmail has 380 emails, it is because of the conversation mode.)

This way you can also transfer your other email accounts into Gmail, as in my case I was closing all my other accounts including Hotmail and Yahoo, I used Mozilla Thunderbird to transfer all the emails to my new Gmail which I am planning to use as One ID.

After this you might wish to tell everyone about the new Gmail but there might still be people whom you know but don’t have their email ID. Click on Gmail Bolt icon in top right corner, setting and click on tab “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” in your old Gmail and add the forwarding address of your new Gmail ID and click on the confirmation link in your new Gmail ID. This way all the emails/subscribed emails will be forwarding to your new Gmail ID until you have told everyone about the new Gmail ID and decide to close the old account.

Google Docs/Drive:

It is very simple to do this, install Google Drive to your desktop and login to your old account, once all the files have been downloaded, logout and login with new Google ID; it will upload all the files to new account.

Feed burner:

I have also never used this feature, so I had no worries about its data.

Google Photos:

Another one of a difficult and headache giving process, at first I tried to use the automatic process of Photos transfer. Open the Picasa Web Albums and sign in using the old account. Click on bolt icon on top bar in right corner and click settings. Click on “Privacy and Permissions” and at last there is line Migrate account. Click on migrate my photos. It will ask you to give your new Google account, give it and it will ask for almost 24hours to transfer. In my case it didn’t happen at all and I had to manually upload them all too new Picasa Albums.

Google Plus:

This is another one of a hard process; things have to be done manually. Though there is an option in Google Takeout by clicking on Google Plus and transferring your circles to new account, again I was bad luck in this and I had to do it manually. This wasn’t a long process for me, as I use G+ very rarely so I had few contacts to transfer.

Manually if you had to do, click on each connection, copy its URL to other browser tab and accept it in new Google account.


Well, I don’t use it so I let its data be deleted. If you use it, then the bad news is, that Orkut data cannot be transferred.

Google play and Music:

This is another one, and its data can also not be transferred from one account to other. I also don’t think there is anything important in Google Play that you need to transfer. Unless, you have paid applications, for your Android phone or have purchased space on Google. Then it might be a problem, otherwise it’s all fine.

Google Sites:

Though I don’t use it too, but I had made one site, so I did the same process as in Google Blogger and made myself the new owner from old account and confirming in the new account and from new account, removing the old account.

Google Talk:

Unfortunately the contacts cannot be migrated in normal way. You have transferred your circles to new account, once they add you back, and then they will start appearing in your new account.

Google Wallet:

Again, I never used it, so I have no idea.

Google Web History:

Do you really need it?


This is the most painful process in transferring account. YouTube doesn’t offer simple transference. If you have a Google account made before 2009, then you can transfer the channel otherwise there is no way except the manual transfer. Unfortunately my account was made after 2009 and I was unable to transfer the channel.

If your account is made before 2009 then follow this YouTube Transfer Process and it will set it easily.

However if you were like me, account made after 2009, and then there is no luck. You have to transfer everything manually.

(Here there is a confusing point, about linking the channel with Google Plus page, but beware that a Google Plus page connected account is different from YouTube account channel. It means if your name is “ABC” the channel attached with ABC won’t be transferred but a page named “DEF” attached with YouTube channel can be transferred. In my case, I was trying to transfer my ABC YouTube channel and I had over 15 playlists and over 70 subscriptions.

What I did, was opening manually the playlists in one Firefox window in new tab, copying its URL from address bar and pasting it in new window of Firefox (with new profile) and saving that playlist in new account with same name.

Similarly open the subscription page, and open in other window and subscribe from new YouTube account.

As far as the videos are concerned, you have to manually upload them again and I don’t care for the number of stats they had previously.

Chrome Sync:

This is the last step, login to Google Chrome and sign out of old ID and sign in with new ID and automatically the Chrome will transfer the data to new account.

In my case I am a Firefox user, however sometimes I sync Chrome and Firefox to download all the data from Firefox into Chrome and then saving it with Google account. Though I have my Firefox backups too.


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