War is a business

It saddens me, that all those people (cause they are not just soldiers, most of them have families) that are dying in US-War zones do not even know what they are dying for.
It certainly is not “to protect their home country”. To date the only foreign military attack on US soil was Pearl Harbor in WW2 (if we don’t count the war for independence and any land expansion wars). The terror attacks such as 9/11 are mostly the result from US involvement in foreign affairs (in the case of 9/11 military training and arms supply of the Taliban during the cold war, followed by total abandonment when the cold war ended) And if you were wondering: The Taliban were already terrorizing the civil population in Afghanistan back then. So basically it is like giving some rifles to the prisoners of your favorite local prison, teach them how to use them and maybe send them down to Texas to shoot some border jumpers.
Also running and gunning through foreign countries and devastating their infrastructure just because their leaders no longer support your economic interests will not gain you much support and love from the civil population, in fact it will generate more hatred that will eventually lead to more terror. Secretly carrying out a military assassination mission in a sovereign foreign country like Pakistan will also not help the case. Killing Osama Bin Laden has little to no benefit, the Taliban are a decentralized organization, new leaders are found quickly. But enough about that and let’s get back on topic.
Unfortunately war is very profitable, involved parties will need arms and other supplies and hey why not also sell some to the enemy while we are at it, right?
Additionally after destruction comes rebuilding, which is also very costly for you the tax payer but very profitable for involved companies. And finally we want to put someone in charge that we can control and who will guarantee that our economic interests are met in the near future, be it oil rights or whatever.
So yeah, war is business and business is good, right?
Maybe you can already guess where this is going, but let me spell it out for you in a slightly exaggerated way:
They died so that the “American Elite” or the “one percent” can become richer, go to more fund raisers and slurp more campaign. They don’t send their children to war/die, I mean, who would if you had the choice? Instead they will motivate you to send yours (call it propaganda if you like). The wars are not fought to keep you safe or to protect your rights (the Patriot Act certainly did not protect your rights), there are two huge oceans around your country that provide ample protection from invaders. The Elite could care less about your losses; to them it is only good business.


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