Islam is not the solution for pakistan

Islam is not the solution for Pakistan; in fact religion is never the solution for any country’s problems. I know many of you people might have got confused reading this, but let me take you in depth of this bitter reality.
Religion is always such a thing that makes the people flare and rise up against any extent and this is natural and no one can be blamed.
Unfortunately we live in such a country where everywhere we see religious extremists and they are abundant here. There is no way to teach them ethics and morals, because they have been completely brain washed and retrained in such a way that they even think, that abstaining from Islam means going against God, whether that way solves the problem.
I have never been a good Muslim, I accept my inside faults, I accept that I am not a true Muslim, but look around you, who is true Muslim around you, literally 2-3% population. The one whom you think is Muslim, is in fact not. It is not the sign, if someone is having a white beard, beads (tasbeeh) in his hands and saying God, Prophet, it does not mean he is a true Muslim, Islam is not this at all, Islam does not teach us show off to pretend what you are not. Because unfortunately we have been brought up in such an environment that thinking such is taken as blasphemy. Today if you try to find a way going a little away of Islam, the people around you start hating you, watching you with shifty eyes and behavior that they can’t tolerate you.
Now I come towards main point, if you people think that in present situation, Islam is the only solution left, and then you think absolutely wrong, Islam is not the solution to problem of Pakistan, in fact Islam and its implementation in Pakistan will make the problem even more badly that it can go beyond the control of people. Such disastrous will be aftermath.
Because today, more than 90% population of Pakistan is living a pseudo-Islamic life, living in a curtain of Islam but doing every sin in its cover. If you will try to implement Islam as a system of administration in Pakistan, it will only lead to chaos and discomfort. Because working this way, will only lead to dissatisfaction to people and uneasiness in their souls because the youth of 21st century is not used to such things at all. They haven’t seen the true Islamic figure and they are ignorant of it and suddenly implementing a system, will make a huge chaos in nature and society.
Instead we must focus on a system that is truly based on administration and proper management, we must think of being secular and then bring a system to 1st solve the chaos and then come towards religion on 2nd option but putting Islam on 1st option is only to worsen the situation.
The reason behind this, is simple, people are stupid, they rise when the issue is on religion, because it is such a value that no one likes to hear against it, and if we will try to implement it as the basic situation in PRESENT PAKISTAN SITUATION, it wont solve the problem.
We have to reform the law, redefine the justice and reshape the management, then we can think of a better system.

One thought on “Islam is not the solution for pakistan

  1. is one is bitter , i tell u ,, may be in some aspect u are right ,, bit still we need something to brighten up our country and thats only islam ,from this present democracy u cant have anything good , in terms of betterment for people ,, but still i say awais , i agree on some point of ur article4rm , shani hashmi


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