A state of Shame for Pakistani nation !

I saw some video on “facebook” regarding Zaid Hamid and his some teachings which I found pretty impressive despite of the fact what the reality of zaid hamid is? and what he does, I don’t care and I don’t want to go in those details. While I was searching on something, I came across something and then I thought to write on it.
Everyone knows, our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said, there would come 72 firqa and we must get ashamed that among those 72 firqa which would come, around 7-8 are in Pakistan. We are the home land of so much religious activities, so much deep mind controlling facts that we are being controlled by people who feel they are superior than us and they can do it.
Can you name at least those firqa who are arising from your mother land – Pakistan?
1.    Qadiani
for more information you can visit, the website, which shows the teachings of this firqa
2.    Ismaili
for more information you can visit their website, which shows their teachings.
3.    Brailvi
for more information visit this website where they show what is in this.
Some more on Barelvi
4.    Deobandi
for more information visit this site to know about them in details.
And some more which I might get info later.
People think for a while, your ears are poisoned with something that you never dreamed of, you never thought of, but you are being forced to walk that way which you didn’t chose, you didn’t wish to go on it but it is being done by ourselves, how and why? Let me explain you this a little more:
Islam does not teach us barbarism and force; instead Islam teaches us love and affection. Even for making someone embrace Islam, it is his or her will to do it, Islam never taught to put a gun on his head and say to embrace Islam otherwise he will be will be slaughtered.
Today we have a horribly wrong picture of Islam, really horribly wrong picture. The reason behind is very simple, extremely illiterate people thinking that that they have the right to do things which others didn’t do. They are taking the preaching of Islam as their innate duty, and without knowing the real meaning of Islam, they are down to it with head and heals. What is this going on, what is this atmosphere of pain, hypertension, depression, and your minds being controlled by someone else? Is this your fate?
Yes this is our fate, because we never learnt to resist some change, we always adopted something that is happening, without knowing that the thing is right or wrong. Anyone stand from mob and start barking, we accept his words like he is the biggest truth. Those people who know how manipulate the mob, they are doing it well.
Islam, in the time of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), once voice one command and one azan voice and see today around you, hundreds of voices emerging from different mosques around you, with the gap of 1-2 minutes, isn’t this humiliating that you are living in a country whose name WAS Islamic republic of Pakistan and among prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s announced 72 firqa, few of them are arising from your mother land.
Sit for a while and think, are you the blessed ones of God or the cursed ones.
Today only in Lahore you go around city and take a deep look, you come around different group of people, different sectors of Lahore having different scholars sitting and preaching Islam.
1.    Dr. Israr ahmed
2.    Farhat hashmi
3.    Maulana azam tariq
4.    Maulana talib jouhri
5.    Dr. Muhammad tahir-ul-qadriAnd so many more and if you see more deeply, some people are religiously extremists, some are accepting data ganj baksh as their spiritual leader, some sitting on baba shah jamal’s shrine and so more to go, but for a moment we never think, that this much huge diversification we have in religion, what Islam was and is, and what we have made it today, just because of our narrow minded mentality and illiteracy.
If you go towards Jhang side, you will find huge power of jamiyat, jamat islami and lashkar-e-tayiba. Nowhere is the place safe, everywhere is Islamic extremist, everyone is befooling your minds with his teachings.
With all this, my basic purpose of telling you is, that open your eyes and learn that Islam is very simple and great religion to follow but today we have made it so complex and so difficult to understand that even if one wishes to find true picture, he needs to go very deep to find true people who are right on Islam not just fake followers.

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