Education of Girls must be….Stopped

I know after reading above line, it might have sounded very absurd, what he is talking, is he out of mind, this world is going global, this world is going on and on in 21st century and he is saying, woman must not be educated.
Ok let me explain you this thing, this is also another problem among our society today, it is also one of reason that today we are 3rd world.
If you turn your eyes around and see things, you will come to know that there are several things which are questionable. One of them is education.
The population of Pakistan according to survey in 176,242,949 (July 2009 EST.) and among this almost 57% are women, most of which are in rural areas and only 45% of this 57% live in big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Now among this 45% population, there are still 80% families of these bigger cities who are traditional and conservative who prefer not to let their girls do job in market as the society is corrupt and everywhere is frustration.
Now I take you with some more facts and figures, taking in view a normal educational sector. Let’s take masters section, suppose MBA.
Almost 450 girls get admission in MBA every institute by a rough estimate and among which it is very common to see in every class that it is 2:1 or sometimes 3:1, which means sometimes twice is the number of girls and sometimes thrice is the number of girls than boys. This tells you that people are more introvert than extrovert. The whole selection criteria is wrong, the whole policy of selection of candidates is bases on biasness. No doubt the girls study more, they work harder in studies than boys but this method of selection is all ruining this situation of Pakistan.
Among the 450 girls of every institute, who get passed out every year, around 60% get married and are bound to sit at home or manage homes than going in market and work or even office works. This ultimately is loss of her education and also loss of a working human. This is loss of her own self that she is human and she has human rights too to live as human and have a life as other ladies have.
But if we see this condition in some broader aspect and see it on mass scale, let me show you how horrible this is becoming to our society.
From those 450 girls, when 60% are made to sit at home and rest 40% are doing work as normal. It means that the seats occupied by those 60% girls went waste. Instead if those same seats were given to some boys, they may have made a future and in future they may have managed a family of his own and be better towards society and broadly speaking, by doing this the unemployment rate will fall abruptly. This is truth if we realize it deeply.
Today crime rate is increasing, thefts rates are increasing, robbery rates are increasing, suicide attackers are increasing, and somewhere if you go to see the reason, point comes to one thing, those are all males. They are all un-educated males and due to unemployment this problem is increasing.
Ok this was all the discussion on what the problem is, now let me take you a little bit deeper in its reasoning.
1.    One of the big reason is, ethnocentrism which is making a huge gap of people and their values, today they are following the west but in mind and hearts and by values and deeds they are same conservative people. This is one of the biggest reasons indeed that people are following an unseen cloud just because of the hype of the west. Their culture and values are set on different basis and system and we are trying to implement those values on Islam, in short we are trying to merge 2 systems together which are totally opposite to each other.
2.    The second biggest reason is, frustration of people in Pakistan. They are wishing dance clubs, nudity, drinking freedom and such things which are again not possible here but is being done under-cover but this is spreading frustration in society to this level that they cannot bear it and therefore ultimately they are trying to create this situation here, which comes in different ways.These two are very big reasons which are somehow controlling the society indirectly and the selection process of different educational institutes is affected highly by it.
Now if I come little bit towards its solution, there are 2 possible ways.
1.    The people of Pakistan must be educated that a girl who has studied and has got good marks, she must do her work for society and work for betterment of country, and she must be brought to work as it is demand of country and use of her degree.
2.    The other way is to, change the educational system that there must be a fixed quota for boys and it must be more and there must be a fixed quota for girls. No more boys will be taken than quota and no more girls will be taken from quota limit.If you see these points critically, you will come to know that it is somehow difficult to educate people, it might take years and even after years it may not give fruitful results, as it is not necessary that every person, every family change their view of thinking. But it is rather possible to change the educational system.

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