Part-3: How to Start a Revolution?

I know in my previous posts I have said that Pakistan cannot have revolution, but exceptions do happen, and I thought to share more, if we ever had revolution (which I pray we don’t, because from my part-1 you might not have even calculated but revolution really creates such a devastating effects that generations cannot forget it, whole lives ruin) but still if we ever had revolution, it can be in following ways…

There are times when it is necessary to fight against things that have become so wrong that they should no longer be. Things that were once small that has become big, but are no less wrong, must be made small again; a revolution, or a complete circle, is needed. Whether you want freedom from another country, or you want to overthrow an oppressive government, every fight is the same. A revolution (from the Latin revolution, “a turnaround”) is a significant change that usually occurs in a short period of time. Revolutions have happened throughout human history and vary widely in terms of methods, duration, motivating ideology, and the number of participating revolutionaries. Their results include major changes in culture, economy, and sociopolitical institutions.
There has to be steps in which we can raise revolution:

1.Educate yourself and others about every aspect of the idea of the revolution; what and why this fight must happen and how it can be won. Identify the goals and the most efficient means of achieving them without compromise. Appreciate and respect a diversity of tactics. The revolution must be directed towards making things better. This is what is called a “positive vector”.
2.Understand that one of the most important aspects of a revolution is that the people are angry. However, the cause for anger ought to be of true convictions, and in their anger there must also be discipline to their cause.
3.Put together intentions which must be very popular among the population. It must aim towards the improvement of certain aspects of society, economics, culture, or any other aspects of a social group. Appreciate and respect a diversity of tactics.
4.Find like-minded people who are ready for action. Set up a field of communication. You must be led by a charismatic leader in a non-hierarchical group in which all voices are equally heard
5.Work for collective liberation, because everyone’s liberation is tied to each others. If we are going to be free, we all need to be free.
6.Demonstrate the popularity of the movement to the people of power, legislature, and military. The greater the popularity among the society reduces the likelihood of violence.
7.Realize that a drastic political or social revolution is almost always about freedom. In general, revolutions are about major changes in some aspect of society. A peaceful revolution requires solidarity and agreement.For Part-1
Part-1: Revolution in Pakistan…….Impossible
For Part-2
Part-2: Why Pakistan cannot have Revolution?……..

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