Part-2: Why Pakistan cannot have Revolution?……..

I know this Question might have arose in your minds that why can’t revolution come in Pakistan as my previous post name was too, that revolution in Pakistan is impossible, now I try to explain to you, why it is not possible.
Pakistan has always been the home of dirty politics, bluffer, betrayal and mysticism. The basis of Pakistan has been laid on false systems, wrong values and irreversible norms. We Pakistani are owner of a land which is home of feudalism, cast system, nawab-shahi system, senior-junior relation as master-slave, barbarism and above all extremism. We are born in a system which is based on master-slave, this thing is in our veins and blood, despite wishing to get rid of it, and we cannot eradicate it completely from us.
I take you in the in-depth one by one:
1.    Cast system: this cast system is so powerful in Pakistan that today we are bound in it, it prevails in our everyday life, directly and indirectly. We cannot get rid of it. Today many things happen just because of this cast system and many things don’t happen just because of this cast system, you want to get a job, if you belong to same cast, you will get it, otherwise not. Merit system was never adopted in our country, always favoritism was given basis, and one of reason this grew and kept growing, is because we didn’t raise our voices against it. Today we have got hundreds of wrong people sitting as our leaders just because we love to vote to our cast, without watching that the person we are casting vote to, is he worthy of given a vote?
2.    Feudalistic mentality: this has been the tradition of indo-Pak, even before separation that we people were victim of feudalistic society, our fathers, fore-fathers and grand fore-fathers have grew in this kind of society, where we brought a clear differentiation of the rich from the poor, and the white from the black, but in making this we forgot what our Prophet (S.A.W) said on His last addressing, whose meaning is, today God has completed his Religion to you, today no black has upper hand on white and no Arabic has superiority on non-Arabic. Today we are doing this just because we are gone away of Islam. We are cursed.
3.    Confused-minded people: we east-Asians have always been confused minded, and this has been our tradition that we don’t know what we want, from life, what we are born to be, what is our fate, what we came in this world for? This is because our complete basis is laid wrong.
4.    West-oriented people: we are influenced by the west, we are incorporating western values and try to mix them with eastern values, and we are trying to make such a mix of western and eastern values that we give rise to a new value which is suitable for us, which is totally wrong.
5.    Racism: racism is somehow another factor too that we are scattered and not been able to focus on our being “Ashraf-ul-makhloqaat”.Now I think I have made clear, why Pakistan cannot have revolution, above reasons must stand enough to explain them.For Part-1
Part-1: Revolution in Pakistan…….Impossible
For Part-3
Part-3: How to Start a Revolution……

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