Part-1: Revolution in Pakistan…….Impossible

I remember the great film “gladiator”, the Proximo says to Maximus “I wasn’t the best because I killed soon, I was the best because the crowd loved me, win the crowd, and there you shall have your freedom”This is a reality, whatever hero you are, when your people are not with you, you are no more than a cloud of sand that will vanish when the wind got down, when your people are with you, you are the most powerful person. Today these so-called democratic leaders have forgotten this, this race of money eating has leaded all the values into dust and here the crowd is waiting for a revolution to come to be their savior.
We have not seen any revolution, we are waiting for an immense power to correct our system, but many of us don’t even know the revolution can be so devastating and frightful that nations and their lives change in it. Let me take you in the depths of revolution step by step.
1.    What does revolution mean?
*an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.
*Revolution means a change of state from one condition to another leading behind a track of changes which are irreversible and non-convertible.
*Another good explanation in more open words would be, a series of those changes which finally lead a nation to a complete change of their state but leading behind a memory of old system.
2.    Why does revolution come?
This is indeed an important point, that why does revolution come, and Aristotle say to it, “Revolution, in a political sense, fundamental and violent change in the values, political institutions, social structure, leadership, and policies of a society. The totality of change implicit in this definition distinguishes it from coups, rebellions, and wars of independence, which involve only partial change.”
So we see, when situation become this much worse that they become irreversible, then it leads to revolution.Now I guess I have made a little vague figure of revolution in your minds, now I come to its further aspects;
According to Persian leader who raised revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, revolution comes in 4 stages:
1.    When people see their rights being ravaged and misused by people in power but they just can abuse and this voice is scattered, it mainly rises due to extremists.
2.    When people see in-justice and humanity being crumpled under the veil of power, they rise up but their voice is thrown back by police, militants and govt. law enforcement companies.
3.    When people become furious on the continuous barbarism and shattered values but it is controlled by govt. by superior forces and diplomatic attitudes.
4.    This is the last and most devastating stage, when people become this much furious that they rise up to settle everything once for all, this leads to blood-sheds and humanity loses the face of justice, moral values go beyond imagination and ethics are lost somewhere much below imagination.
This video below is a glance of reign of shah-e-Iran and its conversion into Islam by Ayatollah Khomeini. It is a running review of following that you will see in this video.
1.    The reign of raza shah Pahlavi, shah-e-Iran and the royal life.
2.    Extreme industrialization and good economy.
3.    Then some acts of shah which turned people against him.
4.    Then you will people rising up against shah, literally millions of them.
5.    Revolution brought in by Ayatollah Khomeini.
6.    Massacre of people.
7.    After-effects on the life of people.Another run-through video showing you the revolution in iran, if you see it,at 3:04 and onwards, you will see what is it called millions…..Wiki answers the reason of revolution in Iran:
1.    dissatisfaction of the Iranian people with the Shah’s modernization efforts
2.    the Shah’s authoritarian government
3.    disenchantment with the influence of Western views
4.    a return to traditional Islamic values
5.    the leadership of the Ayatollah Khomeini

if you want to read more about Iran revolution, here are some pages and more information.
Iranian Revolution
Khomeini’s Promise
Class Analysis of the Iranian Revolution of 1979
The Iranian Revolution King Pahlavi (the Shah) against Dissent

Today we people of Pakistan and specially youth of Pakistan, wish this revolution with so much impatience, it is just like, a kid has not seen any toy and for a change, he wants a new toy to play with, we people of Pakistan are like that kid, we are ignorant of the devastating effects of revolution, which are resulted from revolution. Lives change, people’s pattern of life change, history changes at 180* and the whole system gets renewed.
If revolution seems to be so much appealing and good to people, that it renews the system, it changes the methodology from top to bottom and it results in total amendment. But on the other hand we forget the worse effects that revolution leaves back on minds of people who have been through it, people can never forget it. It is massacre of humanity; it is complete diversion of people and their lives. History is full of such examples, revolution of Iran (1979), revolution of United States from the rule of United Kingdom, history is full of such things which show that the value of freedom was never so easy, it cost hundreds of lives, millions of blood-sheds and uncountable demolishment. Don’t go too far, see history of Pakistan, we hear about the wars fought in 1965 and 1971 and we also read it in our books and studies, and if you ask your fathers and fore-fathers what was it when it was 1965, you will see a deep pain on their face, a cool sigh and they are not able to explain it in words, such was the destruction, and finally they tell us, so you have not seen things like this, you are lucky that you are living a life of freedom.
Same was the reason of formation of UNO, when world saw blood-sheds 2 times and was plunged into the depths of massacre then world finally decided that this must not happen again, even if you recall the charter of UNO, which says, we want to save our generations next so they don’t see this destruction which we have got entangled into 2 times, which changed our lives.
Until now I had been explaining you the effects of revolution. Now I take you in more depth of it, for a revolution to come, people need a proper figure to follow, a complete figure which show them a way that leads to them just victory and nothing else, and keeping this thing in mind, do we see this thing in Pakistan today, absolutely No.
Pakistan does not have such people today who can bring revolution, take the nation to one path, make them rise against the tyrants, if you want to be more specific, I can give you more enlighten examples, imran khan is raising voice for dr. afia siddique, nawaz sharif is raising voice for 18th amendment and lawyers, people’s party is just scattered mainly due to zardari’s own weak abilities to govern, opposition leader moulana fazul-ur-rehman doing nothing else than just corruption. These are some prominent figures of Pakistan but do you see any unity among people of Pakistan, absolutely not. Then how you can expect a revolution to come?
When adolf hitler called upon his people to rise, although I accept his ways were wrong but people stood up for him, he was the worst and most ruthless person world has ever seen, today we give examples of him, but did we ever try to see the unity of people after him.
Revolution comes with the unity of people on one single motto platform, but here today our clever diplomatic leaders have put the people in so many troubles that only a few people group rise voice against the Wrong, others who are getting a little money and are running their lives, they are quiet that as life is going, let it go. Today if you ask people to stand up, come and lets fight, the country is at war, majority will say, let army fight, what they take pays for? So how you claim sitting in some people that yes we need a revolution to come, and this condition is approaching, this condition is not approaching, and according to Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution points, we are hardly at no.2
We Pakistani people are arrogant, aggressive, and emotional and at the same time reluctant. We must first define our goals and then set after it with all efforts, but for this to happen, we need an honest leader to take us all to one goal, and whole nation must be after him with all his heart and soul. Only then we can have a revolution. But on the other hand we must keep in mind, that it is not a child’s play, it changes people, their lives and implements such effects on mind that can’t be forgotten for decades and centuries. Even the history changes. Just see the video of those people who are still facing the effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then those people who were indirect victims of Chernobyl atomic reactor leakage, their lives are still not back to normal. We must not sit waiting for a messiah to come for us, we must find some else way for our freedom.

According to one of my very close person, who gave me an outside view of revolution, living in Iran and what they think about Pakistan and revolution, I present it to you.
Revolution involves a radical change in government, usually accomplished through violence that may also result in changes to the economic system, social structure, and cultural values.
Revolution needs belief and blood. Something that those countries which were on war know the meaning of it. People are killed in Pakistan, but if you ask them to give their life for their belief they won’t do because they want to live, but the reality is that Peace needs hardships to be gained. As far as I came to know Pakistani people they are too extremists. When you talk of their country they take you as an enemy, they are patriotic but in a hurting way which makes them look narrow minded. Pakistani people need to know more about world; Pakistan is a toddler and still has to learn how to walk. Anywhere in world governments are somehow same, just a little difference according to culture and history. Pakistan doesn’t have good leaders, not even a so-so one. Even the best painting students always start with copying the teacher, it won’t reduce the grade of student or increase the value of teacher, and it’s called Practice! It’s too early for Pakistan to reach a revolution, but it’s time to practice. Pakistan is not the only 3rd world country of the geographical map.
Beside all these things maybe the main problem in 3rd world countries is that the Renaissance didn’t ever come to these countries, it makes changes itself.For Part-2
Part-2: Why Pakistan cannot have Revolution?……..
For Part-3
Part-3: How to Start a Revolution……

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