Well still many people in Pakistan don’t even know what the world democracy means and what does it has to do. What is its purpose and why it is needed.
It’s since 1970s from which I have been hearing memories of, and after 80s things and conditions which I have seen myself, I come to know that Pakistan was always the victim of false things raised by some clever people to befool public and on other hand our normal education level and moral sense is so low that we don’t even know the difference of democracy and autocracy.
Today and uptil now, there is no true democracy in Pakistan, it does not exist. When musharraf was taken off by PPP they again raised the voice of democracy and people again got fooled without thinking that this wouldn’t happen. Pakistan is home of feudalistic thoughts, where a strong cannot bear a weak to come forth, then how come we can have a democracy, and uptil now whatever we see, it is in some form or other, autocracy.What is Democracy
What is Democracy…a historical previewOk if I take you in a little depth of democracy as you might have seen above web pages, there are certain things which needs to be cleared.
1.    Fair election.
Pakistan never had Free and fair election, everywhere it happens, is result of barbarism, favoritism and corruption and rest left 5-10% population cast their votes as a result of irresponsible acts (not thinking what their act will create situation, they just think of 1 good food and cast their vote to anybody, whatever corrupt) and also somehow result of cast system being so much powerful in Pakistan.
2.    Active participation of people in Politics.
People never take good role in politics, because it is considered to be a dirty profession, both morally and ethically. WHY?? Because it has been made so. If it remained for good of people, it would remain so. But today what we see, is just corruption.
3.    Protection of human rights.
There has never been a situation in which human rights were safe, this point needs no explanation, and everyday bomb blasts are good example to this.
4.    Rule of law.
today majority of population does not even know this rule in True sense. This rule means, law is Equal and Just for ALL.Now going in towards, a little sad figure, our people are themselves responsible for their present condition, no one is to blamed. They have let a tyrant ruler come on them, sit and rule. Its time for people to wake up from this sleep and know the truth and realize that whole 16crore people are responsible for this.

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