Pseudo culture,believes.values,norms and Country – Pakistan

Well today I am going to talk of some other things.
Today we are living in a culture which is completely problematic and has no strong basis, this is result of following others too much and neglecting our own values. We are following some baseless things so much vigorously that we don’t see that there is nothing to follow in it, it is just a false style of living, but no, despite knowing it, we don’t care towards it.
Today nothing in Pakistan is natural, if we see them one by one, everything is false. If we take religion on the 1st hand, even it is not pure, this country is not Islamic republic of Pakistan, it is just pakisan, because there is nothing called islam here, everyone is pseudo Islamic person, and those who are beholders of islam, they are the most corrupt faces of country. No one is concerned with saving values, everyone is concerned with making money, even teaching islam has also become business and this even has let people to trade their believes. No one is true with religion, everyone is concerned with, how and from where he can earn money, even keeping religion on sake.
Then if we come towards, culture, even this is not pure, we have completely forgotten our glorious past, our culture and our dignity, what we remember now, is just that we once had it but now western culture has taken over us. We have forgotten those values which are being used by west now, but we have taken their false and worn out social values and following them with so much pride.
Then if we take social values in consideration, we are going totally against Islam, Islam taught us to be kind, just, and honest and what we are doing is totally against it. We have started following a fake path which leads to only depression and nothing else. We are dishonest, we are murderers and we are socially, morally and ethically weak people. We don’t have strong character in us, we don’t have any value worth showing to anyone.
If we take everything one by one like this, we will see, there are flaws everywhere, infact this whole system and its basis has been put false. Then why we scream that hypertension and diabetes has increased so much, why we scream that life has changed, why we yell that we are getting victim to false things, answers lies in our screams, we have ourselves sown this, and we have to reap it now.
We cannot point someone to be responsible for our fates, we have done such acts which has brought us to this point, no one is to be blamed, even today we have the pakistan’s history’s most corrupt govt and they didn’t come themselves, we paved a path for them by our deeds. See inside your own, you are accused and salvation lies within, salvation is to think of our own deeds, our own problems and solve them then come to point others.

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