Cheapest Value of Life andBlood – is in pakistan…..

Today the value of human has become so cheap, someone dies, nothing matters, someone gives up fighting for life, nothing matters, such cheap is the price of human life now a days.
There had been 9 blasts in Lahore, and before that one happened in model town, which I am victim of, I was just 2-3kms away when I heard that blast and found ground shaking, I was shocked at once what happened, such huge was explosion, and shock wave. People started calling their relatives and others and after getting to know that everyone is fine, we again started life as normal and nothing felt that there had been just a blast. Someone else must have died in it, someone else must have given up race of life in this explosion but no one takes care of.
Then there happened 9 blasts in Lahore, and soon after this, the very 2nd day life was running again on normal, as nothing happened.
Govt didn’t take any action, no one was held accountable, nothing was stopped, and such is life in Pakistan. To govt. it does not matter at all, for govt. they are sitting in A/C rooms discussing their bank balances and money laundering here and there and they are sitting and doing nothing. Don’t you think such authorities must be dragged out of their offices, shown to media and slaughtered in some gutter, because they deserve this.
Human life has become a joke for all of us, and we are not able to blame political party, our own inside is dirty, we are ourselves the biggest corrupt, why? Because we let such corrupt, immoral and shameless people sit and eat our sources and whip us, we let them, they keep doing, we have never learnt to raise voice against tyrant, we never learnt to stand up against the ruthless. We always learnt to adjust in any condition, this is the reason why we people adjust anywhere in world, wherever we go, we are successful but today this ability has become our problem, a problem of survival where our own blood is being shed in our ignorance and we do nothing. We are dead from our inside and God’s swear, we will die one day without any future, we are going to be punished even in hell too, because none of us has good deeds even in world, we are murders, traitors, smugglers, harassers, and above all not worthy of being called a HUMAN.
Think of it. Think of your inside. Think of yourself born to be Ashraf-ul-makhloqat and today we are worse than a dog.

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