Fanatics of Pakistan……

Well today after a long time, I have again started writing. The reason behind is someone, who made me think again on my path.
Once long ago, I met a fanatic, Bhutto fanatic, I asked her, why you like bilawal Bhutto and she replied because he is Bhutto.
This was the answer of that lady which made me laugh so much and think that this is our nation, blind and immoral. Ok I take you in a little bit more details.
Pakistan had always been a home of false democracy, self-modified bureaucracy. Feudalism had always dominated in Pakistan and people of Pakistan had always been made fools on the name of islam and democracy. We are such weak people that we flare so soon on these issues. Remember the time of musharraf, when he was to taken down, media was screaming, political parties were screaming, democracy, democracy. I accept international forums and people don’t accept dictatorship but today those same people are screaming that musharraf was much better than zardari.
We Pakistani are very weak morally, we never try to see in-depth reality of a matter, a poor mason, gets bread for a day, for free and he casts his vote to anyone, whether he is a bastard or a pious. Then there is another group of people who say, ohhh we will vote to our own cast person, without thinking a while, is he worthy of vote. The reason behind this is illiteracy, people don’t even bother to think the true value of their vote and what does the word Vote means.
The feudal system in Pakistan had laid its basis to destruction. Fore-fathers are idiots, sons are same, their sons are same and this system continues. I am strictly against present govt. zardari is immoral and unethical person, his son is also drowned in money, luxury. How you expect such people to be honest and above all know about what the hell is “administration and management” but no, still fanatics have high hopes that they will come and save this drowning and better to say half drowned country.
Go in past, open Islamic history, hazrat Umar! He used to roam in streets and he said, Ummar is answerable to God, that someone slept hungry in your country, HOW? &
at another place he said, if even a goat died of thurst on bank of Faraat, Ummer is answerable to Allah.
Tell me today who of these leaders have this thing in them. Who walks in streets to know, whether 14crore people are happy or not. And then we become fanatic of those people who are bloody immoral.
I was watching a movie “blood diamonds” and in a scene, it made me pause the film and think, those wordings were by Leonardo di caprio . “sometimes I wonder, will God ever forgive us for the things we have done to each other and I look around and I realize God left this place long time ago” this was very deep for me, and if anyone has a living heart, it means a lot. God will never forgive us for those things we have inflicted to each other, we are victims of each other, we are criminals of each other.
We must come out of this fanatics and live in a world of reality, someone is wrong, accept he is wrong, and abandon him/her instead of flourishing him or her to grow.
(I will write more on this later).

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