Islam and Terrorism

Well. Today I am going to talk something about Islam and terrorism.
Today most people who are non-Muslims and they see the people of Islam, and then they see terrorism being spread, they come to a point that Muslims are terrorists, and yes we must accept the truth, we are.
Ok let me explain you a little for this bitter truth.  The west calls us, terrorists as propaganda. Whole European Union calls Muslims to be the beholder of fake Islamic values and using Islam as a mean to spread anarchy in world. If u try to broaden your mind and see things vastly, you will see that if not all, then in some cases of terrorism, Muslims were involved. If I take Pakistan, in today’s world, govt of pak helped US to invade in Asia and East Asia. They gave them military bases and such more. This was the initiation of a terrorism too although indirectly but yes, it was. Today thousands of Muslims are getting victims of such things, violence, rape, murders. I am not trying to say that Muslims are doing it in majority, every country has different rates, alone in US the annual murder rate, the annual suicide rate, the rape rate is more than anywhere else, but I am trying to show you people a broad picture.
On other hand, what Muslims did to clear their view of world? Did they justify themselves, did they try to be good people. No. Muslims had always been the most aggressive and emotional population of world, they flare up soon.
Today if you see, the most instability is in Muslim worlds, they are not one. They are fighting for baseless things. They are being ruled with others and they are not worried of the nationalism and sovereignty and the thing which has died today in them, is their “ego”.
Islam does not teach us terrorism, Islam does not teach us to kill innocents, to be immoral and unethical. Islam has taught us so strong values and norms which we have put backward and we are following a pseudo- Islamic culture. Pakistan is not a true Islamic state anymore, it is multi-ethnic society now, just called Islamic republic of Pakistan. We have lost the soul of our being, the thought of being “ashraf-ul-makhloqat”. Today we have lost so much but no one is even thinking of these things.
An Islamic verse is, you will get same leaders as you will be. And there it is going, we are corrupt ourselves and we got the most corrupt govt. of history. The most corrupt person of Pakistan is president of Pakistan, with highly illiteracy and so less sense of being president. He is a good source of joke to us.
Before pointing to someone and show his faults, we must try to see our inside and see how many faults we have in us. The pictsure that west is showing to world is fake, we must stand and correct this image and make Islam and govt separate. This is what secularism teaches us. The best govt is that which keeps religion aside and administration aside. When we try to mingle them together, it creates problems which are not aware of but they arise. 1st we must have a good infra-structure and then try to create a state of harmony and Islam must be dealt with proper and literate people.

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