Today’s Interpretation of Islam….

Islam, the religion of peace, the religion of brother-hood IF correctly read and understood and if followed as it was explained by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
But unfortunately today there has come so much misinterpretation due to so called Muslim parties in Pakistan; today there are so many countless “firqa” in Pakistan. Some are doing this and some are doing that but Islam has basically become a “business”, a way to earn money. Today no one believes in Islam as it should have been, the way Islam should have been. And today if you see people whom you feel that they are true Muslims and are following Islam in real-sense, no you are wrong. If u go a little deeper in their knowledge and see the concept of things they have, you will get amazed that they don’t know the reality of anything they are doing, they are blind followers. They just know that God has made it “farz” to say prayers, to recite Quran and to be a good Muslim. Today even following Islam has become a culture not religion.
If we think of things more deeply, so many complexities have come in it just because of these so called mullahs and so much firqa-jaat…
In my view, there must be One Azan voice when it is time, but you hear hundred voices from different mosques, having few second gap and next starts, don’t you think this is bull-shit. In Saudi there is one time, one voice and nothing else. So from this you can imagine how much we are far from our religion.
Today we don’t even know the real meaning of trade which Islam taught us. I have seen so many examples myself in front of me that people have come out of mosques after prayers and the 2nd moment they start abusing and talking of bad deals in business, frauds and so on. Have you ever thought even for a moment, what kind of human you are? Are you a good human at least before becoming a Muslim or you are just wasting time in world?
Today everyone is morally, socially and ethically so weak. They don’t think of their character and its consequences before committing any crime. Their conscious has become dead.
Today we call it modern-ism but today this has shattered our societies and our identity of being a Human and Muslim. Today one barely remembers that what is his base, his origination and his identity for which he was born. He was born for some purpose but today all he thinks and recalls is materialistic approach.
If I come to pointing people, there are so many dual-nature people I have seen in my own city who follow Islam just because they know they have to die n come in front of God. With this fear which has been in his mind, by his parents, society and molvis, he is following religion but without understanding even single thing. He reads Quran with translation but his mind does not open. We are following a very wrong path on the name of Islam. The Islam being taught to us today, is the Islam with amendments, it is not the one which our Prophet taught us.
With this little writing, I want to make people understand that wake up and try to know what u are doing, and the thing u r doing is at least right or not, or u are also a blind follower with no thinking of your own???

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