Youth of 21st century

Today I have come across a new topic; it is about youth and Pakistan.
Well the youth today is vibrant, zealous and hopeful but it is not the true perspective. Today I will show some of problems which now a day’s youth is facing and they don’t know it.
Today if you see around, 90% of youngsters which you will see around, they show they are strong, they expect from life, they have a hope, they have energy. But no one is seeing beyond this. Let me show you a bigger picture.
Today the nation which we have got, the young generation, is very different from their ancestors. Technology has advanced so much, today they have more access to world as did the fathers and fore-fathers had. They have more knowledge than past people. Well if I go deep, I can write a page on it what today’s generation has and what has not. But my main point today is something else.
If you observe anyone around you, any boy from 20 onwards, and if you ask him, son do you know about modernization and Islam, he will start like a book worm, he will start telling you, yes sir I know, the Google says “……..” then Wikipedia says “……..” and we see from our knowledge that finally world has emerged into a new era and we are better than our fathers and fore-fathers.
But if you ask the same guy, son do you know Pakistan was made, he will start the old read “pak-studies” of grade10, 12 etc that we sacrificed, we lost people; Pakistan was made with lots of troubles. But for a moment you will not see anything that you feel that it is his own thinking or he is talking something logically. You will find him talking things:
  • ·         Either they are forwarded by his elders or he heard them and now forwarding them.
  • ·         Or it is heard by media.
Today 70% people around you, u will find them under media bombardment effect, they say what media has put in their minds, they are not thinking that life does not work this way, they have to see the other aspect of life, of picture then they talk something logically. Today media is playing a biased role, they are showing us what they want to show and we are talking what media want us to talk of.
We Muslims specially are thrill loving people, we love this express channel and Geo channel thrilling talk shows, sit-shows…WHY??  Has anyone ever tried to think, why? Because we have turned our back from reality and we are watching those things which are shown by media. Today no one talks that govt killed thousands innocent people in Baluchistan, swat, upon saying of US. No one knows the reality behind this, why? Does this Question not arise inside you, are you not a part of this nation, didn’t this country give u name, personality and authenticity that you are Pakistani. Today we see channels, and then we sit and console on some sad happening.
Anyhow matter was going on, of youth, today’s young boy has forgotten his reality, his country, he is not worried for country, he is just good enough to talk in some party that president did this and that, but no one is rising for a change. I accept strength matters but youth is not strong enough, why? Because they don’t have such strong values to stand onto. On what basis they will stand up in world, just they are young blood, full of zeal and fresh people. In reality they are also wishing to come up and eat as did hundreds of people did before. Accept this reality or not, but this is reality. Today no one is sincere with Pakistan. Today’s boy does not have his own thinking that he can proudly say, that I have my own values and beliefs. He is a blind follower; he is just a dwindling person just like a pendulum is swinging in zero-gravity field.
Coming to minimizing things out, if youth has this much passion, that they feel they can bring a change and they can make things happen good, then they ought to make a thinking of their own. This generation gap is not so easy to fill. Our fathers and fore-fathers had more strong moral values than us, they knew humanity more, and they knew norms than today’s generation.
I am not in favor of conservatism, but for doing something huge, to bring changes in country at mass scale, we need to have strong beliefs and powerful moral values, and above all, thinking of our own.

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