Youth of 21st century…..continued.

Today I am again going to talk of youth and some more aspects.
Today’s youth no doubt is more modern, more prosperous and more advanced but meaning of prosperity is different in every time. The time when our forefathers did progress, they did their best according to that time available means and sources, what our fathers gained, is on the basis of that time available means and what today generation is getting and doing, it is based on today’s available means and sources, but in this generation gap, running for life, this 21st century kid has forgotten moral values, relations and emotions. Life has become machine. Today so much blasts happen across country but no one is grieved, everyone is in a state of condolence and high hopes that life never stops, keep running and so on…..
For a moment we don’t think that problem cannot be solved from top, always one has to go till root cause, and then grasp it. But today generation don’t see it so deeply, they come to conclusion so soon, aggressive attitude and not planning long term. Seeing things in short duration and then ultimately finding the answers. I accept this is Somehow a good methodology not to stuck in thinking and thinking and wasting time that could be used for implementation, but this is not so good way too, because in doing so, we have forgotten social boundaries, we devise a solution that is very short termed and will solve the problem for time being but wont eradicate the problem from roots.
One more major problem of today’s generation is, they think too much superficial and again I will emphasize that they don’t have a thinking of their own. They are followers not leaders. Followers cannot become leaders because the followers always have thinking that someone else form the solution and they just work on the pre-defined methodology.
My purpose of writing this blog is just to make such problems visible which today no one talks or like to talk because they get a clash with past social norms and today moral values. But talking is good, atleast I can make everyone feel of those problems which we know but don’t talk of. May be with my talking, issues get resolved or atleast if not resolved, it will make everyone feel that what they did and are doing, must be changed. The way of living, thinking, talking everything needs to be polished.

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