Valentine day and Pakistan

HI all people.
Today I am going to talk about a sensitive issue, those things which whole Pakistani nation knows but very few acknowledge.
Yesterday was 14th, Feb and all news channels depicted it in a way that It seem to be a good event. The wordings were “today 14th Feb was celebrated with all love and respect of humanity”
But before celebrating this, have we ever tried to know its truth, its reality and its history. What it is, why it is celebrated and what was the story behind this. No I am at loss that no one ever tried to. Ok before I go on and continue it, I want you all people read the below pages and know what was the reality of this valentine day.
Now I come to my point, today people of Pakistan and almost all of muslim nation is facing a disaster just because Pakistani people have made a false way to entertain themselves. They have forgotten their own values and rules and they are Blindly following the customs and traditions which they don’t even know the reality behind. Today if you ask someone, any boy and girl or anyone, you will see amazing results, 85% people will say, ohh it is an occasion on which a lover gives gifts to his or her love. They express their deep love to eachother. But if asked “do u know how it started and who is st.valentine and what are the causes” then you will face a silence or just heard things being forwarded.
Today we have forgotten what we were, what we are and what is going to be our future. We have chosen a silence for everything, we see what we want to see. We don’t choose life as a way it must be, we have made it as it should not be. Today we are living life of an animal, who eats, drinks and then forgets the height of humanity, the essence of being “ashraf-ul-makhloqat” and we have even forgotten that we are the best “ummat” of world, we are muslims, we are blessed by God and by prophets. All we see today is a fake vision which has been forced upon us.
We have forgotten that we muslims have a very brilliant history, a very glorious past. Those inventions which are used today by The West, originated form Mulims, but today we have no value for them.
Coming towards a little end, today how many people around us, go to mosque, offer prayers, be a good muslim. Compare this percentage with how many people of you celebrate valentine day, basant etc etc.
All I want to say, is that we have chosen a wrong path, which we feel is more easy and better but infact it is not, we are going towards hell with our own will.
By this whole speech I didn’t not mean that celebrating valentine is wrong, but I want to make you people feel that wake up, and know that you are leading a life of misery, build up your inside and feel that you are not less than anyone too, you are also talented.

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