Windows 10, negative things (Personal Experience)

There was a peaceful time when windows 7 was the king of game and nothing was so much serious. The hype was all on performance and windows 7 really delivered it and delivered it really perfectly well after the chaotic devastation of windows vista. The windows were stern steady especially with its 64bit variant. I myself had been using it for quite a long time. It often reminded me one of its predecessor windows XP.

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Step Aside, Religion A. I’m Religion B.


As narrated by my sweetheart of a sister, A.

It was a CST-bound train through Kurla which was now chugging towards Kanjur Marg, its next station. A lady boarded with some difficulty and then experienced more of it when the time came for her to find a place to stand. Sitting is out of the question in Mumbai local trains unless you are a shameless superhero, as you may know. The problem was not her bulky frame but the huge blue bag that she was carrying in her hands. And the people who aggravated the problem were the ones who boarded along with her.

I was standing with my back leaning against one of the sides of an entrance which is where the lady and the people had got in through. As the train started moving, shouts and hoots from the people began reverberating in the train car. The case in point: the lady…

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Reason of starting this Blog

Well I got a huge inspiration from somewhere that I am not a part of this society in which people have forgotten their everything and are living a life which is false and wrong.
I decided to write those things, those lost values, those lost terms, our past, our norms, and those things which today we all know but no one dares to talk of them, yes I will talk of them, I will let u know those bitter truths in open words.
May be God almighty give me strength that one day, I can make everyone feel that what is right and what is wrong.